About me

I have been crafting as far back as 2nd grade, where I would take colored construction paper & white paste & make huge long chains & little creations for my teacher & for my room! In 3rd grade I remember we did some ink painting & I was so proud of my picture!  Took art in Jr High & learned about leather working, paper mache, drawing (not my thing!) .  Home Economics taught the basics of sewing & cooking & I loved it all! My grandmother taught me the basics of knitting & doing some beading, my mom taught me to crochet. As I got older I got into flower arranging, then canvas painting (not my thing!) Then took a tole painting class with a friend & oh my…THAT was my thing!  I loved it & then I took classes on folk art painting with acrylics…THAT was my thing too!!!  Then came t-shirt painting!  And a decorative artist was born.  That led to a small brick & mortar craft store, where I discovered something else I was good at…teaching classes! After about a year my husband was transferred to another city & we had to close the store.  That was hard, but there were more things to learn!!!  Then came quilting classes & working at a quilt store for a short time. I have more fabric than a fabric store! Then came scrapbooking!!  I became a consultant for Creative Memories! Then we were transferred to St. Croix in the USVI.  Took all my scrapbooking stuff with me & started a scrapbooking group with a bunch of other wives whose husbands were also transferred. We met once a week & had a blast! After 4 years there we came home & it was back to quilting. Then about 3 years ago I wanted to learn how to make mini albums, which lead to hand made books & checking out stacks of books from the library, which lead to lots of YouTube videos which lead to…JUNK JOURNALS!  THAT was my thing!  And wouldn’t you know coincided with making handmade books.  And so here I am!  And you too if you stayed with me this long, bless your heart!!!

I am 63, married 44 years this year to my high school sweetheart, soul mate & best friend. We have one son, 33 & no grandkids, yet. Lilly joined our family 4 years ago at the age of 8 mo & is the most rotten minature schnauzer on the planet!  My life is full & I am a happy camper!

Thank you for reading!!!